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Maroof Moral

muh-roof mor-ul


These are my specialties


Blue sky to MVP


A wireframing ninja

User testing

Never a leading question

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These are my specialties

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Clients / accounts

Toronto, Montreal, New York


Past projects

Web, Mobile, Desktop




Here are some endorsements

"I worked with Maroof on two large projects with cross-functional teams. Maroof’s approach to developing IA and UX solutions involves keen intelligence, strong analytical skills, good listening and collaboration. He balances organizational and conceptual thinking, and, with quiet assertion, can gently steer projects in the right direction. Maroof is responsible, professional, and a pleasure to work with."

Jinnean Barnard
Group Creative Director, McCann Canada

"Maroof's designs reflect an open approach to problem solving and are situation specific. He does not boilerplate his solutions. The resulting interfaces are not rigid, they're inviting to users, and he does not lean on UI devices or frameworks to develop his approach. One project in particular, redesigning the administration application for a scalable cloud-based video signal processing service stood out. This was for a multi-national network hardware and software vendor. The problem domain was intricate, non-trivial, and inaccessible to non-experts...

...Maroof did the hard work of really internalizing the problem and was adept at conceiving realistic context scenarios and user expectations even when the client couldn't articulate these with any confidence. The resulting product was well received by the product management and the client was pleased at the response they received from their customer base during demonstrations."

Tom George
CEO, BitBlitz Apps

"Maroof is an extremely talented UX Designer. Maroof understood requirements from the start, always asked intelligent questions, and presented the team with high quality, timely, creative designs for screens, reports, navigation and more. Maroof worked well with all members of the team from senior management to business analysts to developers."

Fern Glicksman
Senior Manager, Arbor Memorial

"Maroof is a brilliant problem-solver and works efficiently under tight deadlines, is always open to feedback and also produces great work with rapid iterations. I am most impressed by his excellent work ethics and dedication towards any tasks, and am confident that his hardworking spirit will be an asset to any team where user-centred experiences matters."

Teresa Man
Experience Director, Konrad

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